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Send in the Clowns
A documentary film about humanitarian aid to Haiti


Send in the Clowns explores the impact of prolonged aid in Haiti as it follows a group of idealistic volunteer performers from Clowns without Borders. When the clowns arrive in Haiti five months before the earthquake, to embark on a three-week schedule of shows, they experience doubts about their effectiveness as aid givers in a country that has received more aid per capita than anywhere else in the world. When they return to a devastated Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake to teach workshops to young adults, they hope to have a more lasting impact than many of the other aid organizations they have seen. The Haitians instinctively embrace the clown training and appear to be uplifted by the experience. But they also share the personal challenges of their daily lives exposing the failure of most aid organizations to deliver lasting solutions and empower the citizens of Haiti. In contrasting the work of the clowns with other forms of aid, the film asks whether Haiti’s crippling and conflicted relationship with aid organizations is actually more absurd than sending in the clowns.

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“Send in the Clowns” is distributed on DVD and streaming by Documentary Educational Resources whose mission is to promote thought-provoking documentary film and media for learning about the people and cultures of the world.

Run time: 82 minutes
Shooting format: DV and HD
Screening format: bluRay
Sound: Stereo
Language: English, French, Creole
Genre: Documentary

Directed by Sam Lee
Produced by Nancy Roth, Michelle Schiefen, Brooke Stevens & Sam Lee
Cinematography by Sam Lee & Brooke Stevens
Edited by Sam lee & Ana Veselic

Three clowns from Clowns Without Borders who went on the 2009 trip to Haiti:
Suzanne Santos
Sarah Foster
Tim Cunningham

Four clowns from Clowns Without Borders were on the 2010 trip to Haiti:
Tim Cunningham
Anna Zastro
Selena McMahan
Jan Damm

High Resolution Photo of Clown Tim Cunningham
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High Resolution Photo of Clown Sarah Foster
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High Resolution Photo of Director Sam Lee
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High Resolution Photo of DVD Case
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